My Current Skincare Routine for Dry-Combination, Sensitive Skin

By Monika M.

Hello all!
I am a big-time skincare junkie! I have been an avid follower of skincare routines since my teenage years. But I have to confess that I don’t have the simplest routine when it comes to skincare (Shikha’s skincare post has inspired me to sort it out!). I have combination skin that turns really dry in winters, but thankfully it is not acne prone (touchwood). I have few sensitive skin issues too and all the products that I have mentioned do not aggravate any of the skin conditions.

My Current Skincare Routine

1. Cleansers

facial cleansers

• In colder months, I stick to Forest Essentials (FE) facial delicate facial cleanser with Mashobra honey, lemon and rosewater and switch to cleanser with Kashmiri saffron and neem. But these are the only two cleansers I use all through the year. This doesn’t dry out the skin and has some really good skin-loving ingredients. If you don’t want to spend that much on a cleanser, I highly recommend Just Herbs cleanser which is a more affordable but equally good cleanser.
• For those weekly pamper sessions, I use Organic Surge anti-ageing brightening hot cloth cleanser. It’s a cream cleanser that moisturizes even the driest skin areas. As I don’t want the cleansing routine to be too long, I have reserved this for Sundays!

2. Scrubs
Honestly speaking, I am not a scrub person as I have really sensitive skin and my dermatologist has clearly instructed me to stay away from one! But you know how some products tempt you, right? 😛


• I simply love the Lotus Herbals Whiteglow oatmeal and yogurt scrub as it doesn’t feel too abrasive. I have been using this for almost 3 years now! Currently, I use this weekly.
• The other one I frequently use is the FE narangi ubtan. It doesn’t have those big, dreaded scrub granules, but works effectively on tanned skin. It is my go-to cleanser/scrub when my skin is looking a bit meh!

3. Face Masks

face masks

• I am addicted to the Mario Badescu enzyme revitalizing mask. If you have dry skin, you NEED this. It’s a clay-based mask which is supermoisturizing (will review it soon). It has got some great exfoliating ingredients and acts like a deep cleanse.
• Another yummy smelling FE product is the madhulika lep (honey pack). When used regularly, it tones skin and keeps it fresh. I won’t call it a must have though!

4. Toners

• I would call Pixi glow tonic my skincare discovery of 2015! Yes, it is that awesome. It is an exfoliating toner, a boon for people with sensitive skin who don’t like experimenting with scrubs. It keeps those chin zits in check and I love it for that!
• How can I not have rose water in my routine? I keep trying different rose waters and currently using the Kama Ayurveda one, though mists are more of a summer thing for me. I don’t follow any rule to use this, just whenever I want. If you want a more affordable version, try Oilcraft Naturals rose water. The manufacturers are the same if I am not wrong! I have used the Panchapushp and Rose water, and both are equally good.

5. Eye Creams

eye creams
I have to say that I am not very regular with eye creams as I forget to use one, maybe because I don’t have visible dark circles.
• The FE anise cream is something I bought on my sister’s recommendation. I developed pigmentation below my left eye after a skin allergy gone bad. I didn’t want to use anything chemical laden on the sensitive undereye area, so I used this anise cream regularly for 2-3 months and it really worked. The consistency is lotion light and it absorbs nicely without any greasiness. I also have the FE cucumber eye gel, which does not do anything other than giving a cool sensation to tired eyes, so I will not recommend it.
Jovees eye cream is something I use at night time. It’s thick and moisturizes your itchy, dry undereye area in seconds.

6. Facial Oil

TBS serum-in-oil

• This TBS Vitamin E serum-in-oil is a winter staple. Apart from using it alone under the cream, I mix this with almost everything I apply on my face in winters. I can’t imagine winters without it!

day and night creams
7. Day-time Moisturisers
FE light day lotion with rose and marigold is another winter staple. A few drops of TBS serum-in-oil mixed with this gives you the smoothest skin. I generally use this when I go out.
• La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra is what my dermatologist suggested and now I know why. I have severe pollen allergy that usually gives me skin flare-ups during the spring season. This is a no-nonsense lotion that calms everything down. Simple.

8. Night-time Moisturiser
• The night calls for some intense moisturisation and so it has to be the TBS revitalizing cream from the Oils of Life range, which is strictly meant for dry skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin supple and glowy.
• If my skin is throwing tantrums, I use the La Roche Toleriane again at night with a drop or two of the TBS serum-in-oil. By morning, my skin is much calmer!

9. Makeup Remover

makeup remover
• If you love eye makeup just like me, you’ll know why I love Maybelline clean express remover. It’s simply THE best!
• A recent addition is the L’occitane oil makeup remover – pricey but completely worth every penny.

10. The Other Things….

handcream and lipbalm

• Hand cream: Neetu’s and Rati’s hand cream reviews worked their charm and now I can’t do without a hand cream! My all-time favourite is Crabtree & Evelyn pomegranate one and I have lost count of how many tubes I have gone through. The abused condition of the tube can tell you the whole story.
• Lip balms: Lip balms are as important as any other skincare product. We can never have enough! But I am currently using TBS cocoa butter and vitamin E with SPF variants.

aloe vera gel and baby cream

Johnson’s baby milk cream: This is my Holy Grail dry skin treatment! When nothing works on the dry patches, this works. Period.
Patanjali aloe vera gel: This “Made in India” aloe gel is loved by all. And if you have to choose just one product from Patanjali, I would highly recommend this gel – a one-shot treatment for many skin issues.
Cotton rounds: This post would be INCOMPLETE without an honourable mention of cotton rounds. If you love your skin, I would suggest, “Switch from ordinary, rough cotton to cotton rounds.” I use TBS ones; many other brands make these multipurpose rounds, and you can pick any. Use them once and you’ll surely notice the difference.

I hope you find this post helpful. And please share your skin favourites too. I would like to know what worked for you and what didn’t.

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16 thoughts on “My Current Skincare Routine for Dry-Combination, Sensitive Skin

  1. Yay it might work for me
    dry sensitive skin here as well
    Where did u get Pixi glow tonic ? I have been looking for it since ages
    lol i mean since i read reviews about it
    didnt know it would work that well for sensitive skin 😀

  2. Wow Wow 🙂 So this is secret the of your beautiful face 😛 You really take nice care of your skin.. This skin care routine series really so good and it’s helpful also.:)

    1. Thanks Lana 🙂 I believe your skin type is not some skin condition that can be cured; but yes you can do away with the skin issues by using the right products…so as long as I stick to a good routine, my skin behaves 🙂

  3. Whoa! I love how well you maintain your skin. 🙂 That’s a lot of FE right there! I also love FE products. I am also interested to try out La Roche-Posay products, have heard loads about them. Where do you get Pixi product from?

    PS : Thanks for honorary mention in the beginning. 😀

    1. Thank you Shikha :). Yes I am addicted to FE; I think whoever uses it once becomes a follower; I try other things but then come back to FE! And I think La Roche makes the best products for sensitive skin. Pixi was an online purchase 🙂

  4. what a brilliant skin care routine monika. your skin care routine is like i could blindly follow.. like every single product. I need to try Organic Surge anti-ageing brightening hot cloth cleanser. and i used to love that lotus scrub. must try it again some time. looved the post. :)) where do you buy mario b products?

    1. I bought my first FE product solely on your recommendation Rati 🙂 And I’m sure you’ll love the cleanser too. I bought few mario products from “lu*ola” last year; sadly they don’t ship to India anymore 🙁

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