Outfit of the Day: Stockings and Long Top

Outfit of the Day: Stockings and Long Top

Hey Ladies,

Since I went out today to go shopping and I actually put on some cute clothes, I decided to take some pictures and share with you what I wore to give you some ideas. In every country, there are different fashion styles.  I usually wear whatever I like. I told her this many times, but Rati is my idol.  She dresses fabulous and totally up-to-date on fashion.  I  also like how Kim Kardarshian resses and sometimes, I look if I can recreate her outfit, if I really think I can pull it off too. I hope you like my first outfit of the day!

Outfit of the Day Stockings and Long Top




Stockings : Primark 80D kind.

rati beauty ad

Bracelets: Primark and Ebay.

Heels: Guess at TJ Maxx.

Top/Dress:  Ross.

Necklace: My mother gave it to me.

Black Camisole: I don’t remember from where I bought it, it’s been years since I have it.

By the way, you will be seeing these heels a lot because they are the only pair of heels I own. I know how can I only own one pair of heels, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Take care Ladies,


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72 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Stockings and Long Top

  1. OMGGG Sahar..you have a body, face, hair and skin to die for and your fashion sense is justtttttttt killinggggggggg……Loved lovedddddddddddddd this OOTD…looking forward to see moreeeeeeeee !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I loved everything in this look right from top to stockings, bracelet, neckpiece, shoes everythingggggg!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Sahar u have a lovely face and a figure to match 🙂 I’m on a diet right now n ur ootd post is keeping me inspired n to shun all junk food:-)

  3. Sahar you look gorgeous. Fabulous. :)) and thank you so much. I think you dress great as well. :)) Those pumps are very classy and sexy :))

  4. Wow sahar,, u look stunning.. Everything is matched and accessorised to perfection 😀
    looking forward to more ootds frm u 🙂

  5. You look gorgeous, love! I know, even I only own like one pair, and it doesn’t go with everything! Mainly because I can’t find my size anywhere lol. Is the weather cold where you are?

    1. haha yea me too i am a size 5.5 -__- well i lived in califnornia but temporaly moved to germany and here in germany the weather is known to be cold.

      1. Well if it helps i’m a size 9 x_x impossible to find in india as ppl are mostly short and don’t go beyond 5 in sizes. But having an inbetween size is frustrating i’m sure. I love your look, very elegant, and you have a lovely figure :* woah, cali and germany would be poles apart in terms of weather! It’s been raining here a lot, am enjoying it 🙂

        1. ohh poor you!! we both have a huge difference in shoe sizes but the same frustration when it comes to fnding a pair of cute heels -__- thankk youu lovee!! yea it is but germany has been warm the past 2 days and should stay sunny till next week 🙂 lets keep the fingers crossed that nothing will change that 😀

  6. OMG! This is some fab stuff,…you look gorgeous..loved your heels..and you look so slim and tall…whats you height sahar?

  7. Wow ! I love this look ! Totally gorgeous! This is what I wear usually except i wear flats and usually tunic tops 😛 😛 I have similar stockings in all the colors of the rainbow 😛 😛 Really loving your look as its something I can actually follow thanks 🙂 🙂

    Hehe 🙂 Rati is everyone’s idol 🙂 She is brilliant 🙂 !

    1. i did take my flats with me in case i get tired wearing these heels 🙂 and thanks for the compliments. yes course she is 🙂

  8. When I just saw the pic, i thot “what are they posting LOTDs of models” and i am not exaggerating…then i read the name and realised …I saw ur pics in your previous post.
    You look no less than Kim Kardhashian 🙂 stylish and effortless !

    Can’t resist but ask “how come u own only one pair of heels with such fashion sense” 😐

    1. haha thanks ! well basically ever since i got pregnant with my baby i never wanted to wear heels and when i had my son i dont really go out anymore and i would prefer to buy flats than heels. but now i am wanting to own alot of heels. heels in every color would be nice. got to start saving up money 🙂

  9. Ooooh! You look amazing! :O And those heels are so cute! They look like the ones that I made my barbie dolls wear as a kindergartner.

  10. OMG Sahar, u look abs gorgeous even in a simple outfit..Loved the look..

    And to add to ur list of silicone free shampoos is TBS Rainforest Moisture. I’ve been using it but never noticed the packaging until I read ur article. It says “No silicones,no Parabens, no colorants and no somethin else”..forgot the last one 😛

  11. Sahar u r luking so wonderful sweetie….u hv amazing sense of mkup and fashion both….i kept luking at u smhw 2 mins :p:thumbsup:

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