Parachute Intensive Care Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil Review:

Parachute Intensive Care Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil Review:

Hello Everyone I am going to share my absolute favourite hair care product with you guys without which I cannot possibly live!

Parachute intensive care pre-shampoo oil Product description: Colouring, perming and blow drying make your hair rough and brittle. Now, just 30 minutes of this herb-enriched oil before you shampoo is all it takes to make your hair healthier and softer. Its coconut oil penetrates 3 times more than most oils so it nourishes your hair better. The unique mix of 21 natural herbs softens and protects your hair from damage. Its non-greasy formula makes it easy to wash off. Parachute intensive care pre-shampoo oil

Instructions for Use: Gently apply from root to tip of your hair and leave on for at least 30 minutes before washing off. Use every time you shampoo to healthier, more beautiful hair. Recommended for all types of treated & coloured hair Enjoy beautiful hair the healthy way!

Ingredients: Coconut oil, light liquid paraffin, cyclomethicone, olive oil, isopropyl, blend of twenty one herbs, perfume, TBHQ

Price: 200-250 INR for 300 ml

My Take on Parachute Intensive Care Pre-Shampoo Hair oil: My sis lives in Middle East and she got me this hair oil which she was raving about. Actually this oil is so much in demand there that it is never in stock and people chase this product from store to store, like even if there is one bottle, you’re not gonna get it without a fight hihihi 😀 . There’s so much hype involved for this product. You might think why is that so? I’ll tell you, it’s because it is absolutely amazing! It works SO well! It makes my hair sooo soft, it’s like my hair drinks it up. Earlier I have used Coconut oil, Almond oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil. But nothing worked like this did. With other oils even if I like literally drenched my ends they would still feel rough to touch, like I could feel each and every hair and their coarseness, no matter just how much time I let it sit on my hair before washing it off, they would just not soften! But with parachute intensive care oil after application my hair feels so soft. And the best thing is that it’s not greasy at all! I hate it when it’s all oily eeek! Another thing I cannot bear is if the oil has any artificial fragrance, it gives me headaches. But this one has a mild but very very pleasant smell that I love.

parachute pre wash oil

It is very light and runny in consistency almost like water and is light green in color. I have gone through a number of bottles of these …about 6 or 7. It’s been about a few months since I started using this oil and the texture of hair has improved. So what I do is I apply this oil generously (even if applied lightly it works) and wait for good 30-40 min and shampoo, I don’t even need to rinse and repeat, it washes off easily and hello beautiful shiny, nourished and frizz free hair (I rinse my hair with cold water at the end, really makes a difference!) and after that I usually blow dry or (air dry if I have time) and straighten my hair. BTW, I bought a new hair straightener! Review coming up shortly! 🙂

Summing up the Pros and Cons Pros of Parachute Intensive Care Pre-Shampoo Hair oil:

  •  Works amazingly to nourish and soften hair
  •  Non-greasy formula
  •  True to the claims
  •  For coloured and treated hair
  •  Has Herbs in it
  • Smells amazing

Parachute intensive care pre-shampoo oil Cons of Parachute Intensive Care Pre-Shampoo Hair oil:

  • Non-availability in India

IMBB Rating: 4.7/5

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7 thoughts on “Parachute Intensive Care Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil Review:

    1. exactly my thought after reading the ingredients list! x( so unnecessary! *wth moment* i doubt though, that apna regular parachute coconut oil has any of these other lubes in it! I’m happy with the variant available here! The last thing I need is oil with silicones!? 🙁

  1. Wish it were available in india i dont apply oil coz my hair falls a lot so this oil would have been god send if it were available in india

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