5 Pro Tips to Make Your Eye Shadows Pop

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With all the mesmerizing eye shadow palettes available in the market, more women are becoming interested in eye makeup these days. However, many of them feel disappointed after buying a certain palette because, although the color looks bright and vibrant in the palette, it somehow looks dull on the eyes. The color looks a lot less intense and often fails to give the desired pop of color on the eyes. Women with darker skin face this problem more often. Also, there are women who have dark eye lids and they face similar issues. In this post, I will tell you about the things that you can do to make the eye shadows pop. Most of the makeup artists follow these tricks. So, if you want your eye shadows to show their true colors, follow these tips from now!

5 Pro Tips to Make Your Eye Shadows Pop

1. Use a Primer and Concealer

Using a primer on the eyes before applying the eye shadows is a must. Along with increasing the staying power of the eye shadows, it also makes the eye shadows more vibrant. If you have oily lid, the eye shadow starts creasing and looks messy after some time, which makes it look dull. A primer prevents that issue effectively. Also, it smoothens out the lid and allows uniform application which improves the overall appearance of the shadow. Just like the primer, concealer application is also important before you start your eye makeup. Concealer gives an even base to work on. If you have super pigmented eye lids, you can use an orange corrector and then layer it with a concealer. Similarly, green color correctors are recommended if your eye lids are too red. You can choose a lighter shade of concealer for the eye lid (the one you use to highlight the under eye) as it makes the eye shadow more prominent.

2. Use a Colored Base

Makeup close-up. Eyebrow makeup, long eyelashes, brush.

A colored eye shadow base enhance the eye shadow color and allows you to adjust the depth and intensity. You can buy a separate eye shadow base or use gel liners, cream eye shadows and even eye pencils to get similar effects. You do not have to match the color exactly with your eye shadow. In fact something lighter or deeper allows you to play with the intensity of your eye shadow. You can also pick a shimmery base to make the shimmers in your eye shadow more prominent.

3. Use White and Black Pencil

Just like colored bases, white and black pencils can also make your eye shadow look better. A white pencil acts as a primer-concealer that evens out the pigmentation and provides a smooth base for eye shadow application. It works best with lighter, colorful shades. If you do not want to invest in multiple colored bases, this is a great choice for you. A black pencil works in a similar manner for the darker eye shadows. If you want to nail your smokey eye look or increase the intensity of your dark eye shadows, a black pencil is the best option. You can also use a black gel liner instead of a black pencil. It works best with black, blue, red and maroon shadows. It also makes the shimmers more prominent on the eyes.

4. Layer and Blend

Make-up artist at work.

Keep layering your eye shadows till you get the desired intensity. An eye shadow may not show the right color when a single layer is applied. As you build up the intensity, the color shows up more prominently. But, make sure to blend it properly to avoid any creasing. Also, application using fingertips helps the shimmer shadows to show up really well. Press the shadow on the base using your fingers and blend using a brush. Repeat these steps till you get the desired intensity and your eye makeup will look better than ever before.

5. Wet your Eye shadow Brush

Makeup artists often dampen their brush using water or makeup fixing spray. This helps the brush to pick up more eye shadow and also make it look intense on the lid. Make sure not to make the brush wet as it will ruin the eye shadow and the makeup completely. This trick not only makes the eye shadow pop, but helps it to adhere to the skin and makes it last longer.

If you have stopped using some palettes or shadows, just because they look dull on your eyes, it is time to bring them back to the game. Follow the tricks and your gorgeous eye makeup will be visible from the Mars!

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