Waxing vs Epilators – What Do You Prefer for Hair Removal?

Hi gals!!!

Time for another article! This time I decided to write about the most frequently asked question – “What is better, Epilators or Waxing?”  I am a very unplanned and indecisive teenager; all my plans are made at the last moment and things just spur up at the very last minute. This of course has its moments when I cannot wear my favourite outfit because it is sleeveless and I have not waxed my skin! If I’m still very much tempted to wear it then yup, I turn to shave (which is very bad because when I was in school I used razors all the time and then I had black underarms for a while – EEW!). I’m also not a great planner to look which events are coming up, decide what I’m going to wear, and head to the salon to get waxing done. Never! Who has time for all this?

Waxing vs Epilators - What Do You Prefer for Hair Removal

So in college – I learnt how to do waxing from friends and got my own cold wax and waxing strips to do waxing at home. It did work for a while. Then I got irritated because the whole process was so messy. Thank God for Veet Wax Strips now. I guess now doing waxing at home must be quite easy, although I haven’t used them yet, but hmm must try them.

Anyways, after I became tired of waxing at home, I finally got a Philips epilator. It hurt a bit in the initial uses but now I’m a pro when it comes to using epilators. I have got two epilators which I can review for you gals if you want (just leave a comment if you want me to review them). But then I wax once in a while. During one of my trips to the salon, a female said that an epilator is not good. This epilator vs. waxing topic has been discussed so many times among my cousins as well as friends. Some say epilators are good and some say waxing is good. Some even say shaving is very good! God knows which one to choose? (girls have so many decisions to make hahahahahaha :))

So let’s review what’s good and what’s not:


Let’s start with waxing first. Waxing is the most popular hair removal technique till date. Waxing or hair removal is not something new. A silky, smooth and hairless body was a standard of beauty, youth and innocence for women in Egypt. The wife of divine Pharaoh set an example and then the trend was followed by every woman in Egypt. They used a sticky emulsion made up of honey and oil.


Later on Greeks followed the trend. The best proof are Greek sculptures of women – so shiny and smooth. Romans also followed suit and girls began hair removal with the help of “tweezers”(it must have taken them forever to get their hair removed though) and also depilatory cream.

Waxing is an effective method of removing large amount of hair at one time. I am not describing the process because I expect everyone to know about it .

Advantages of waxing:

  • It’s a very effective method of hair removal (covers large areas in short time).
  • Waxing can make hairless skin last up to 8 weeks.

Disadvantages of waxing:

  • Although waxing is by far the best method of hair removal, it can irritate the skin, causing redness and bumps for those with sensitive skin.
  • The process of waxing can be messy and sticky.


  • Never wax just after sun-bathing or tanning because tanning always harms epidermis. So when you put hot wax on it, pulling and ripping it off can peel layers of skin. This causes visible bruises.
  • After waxing wait for a few hours before going for a hot tub bath, swimming in public pools etc. Otherwise you might put yourself at risk of getting skin infections. Slight damage to skin caused by waxing + improperly maintained water = breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Do not wax if you have acne problem, skin allergies or sensitive skin.


After trying waxing at home, I got bored of the whole process. I am just too lazy to do all this sticky messy work at home, so I got myself a Philips epilator. I have two epilators now and have been using them for ages now. It was a bit painful at first but now I have got used to it. 🙂


The term “epilation” refers to using an electric device, tweezers or waxing to remove the entire hair shaft at the root. Using an electric device called an epilator produces faster hair removal than tweezing and can be safer and cleaner than using hot wax and waxing strips.

Hair removal occurs when hairs are trapped in either a rotating head of small tweezers or a coiled spring or wire. More costly epilators are available with varying rotation speeds and strengths. An electric razor attachment may be included for sensitive areas that are not ideal for tweezing.


Advantages of epilators:

  • It is very easy to operate these epilators. They are non-messy which works for me!!
  • Epilators are real life saviors; when things spruce up at the very last moment, you can have smooth silky arms and legs in a matter of max 30 minutes. 🙂
  • Over time, hair becomes less coarse when it grows back.

Disadvantages of epilators:

  • Using an epilator can be painful the first few times.
  • Some people may experience problems with missed or ingrown hair as well.


  • You should have a bath or shower first and then ensure your skin is completely dry before you begin epilating.
  • Run the epilator in an upward motion, against the direction of hair growth. If needed, you can also change the epilation direction to ensure an even smoother finish.
  • Epilation novices may find that their skin is slightly reddened after epilating. This is why it is best not to epilate the day you want to spend a big night out, but the evening before. To soothe your skin and create a really sleek, smooth look and feel, apply a body cream or lotion after epilating.
  • Regular use of a massage sponge (e.g. after your shower) or a body peeling pack will help prevent in-growing of small hairs.

So what do you prefer?  Waxing or epilators?

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115 thoughts on “Waxing vs Epilators – What Do You Prefer for Hair Removal?


      WAXING just doesnt go with me !!! 🙁 everytime i decide i ll wax … i have something that comes up and then i end up usin my epi . . . : )

  1. I get waxing done and my hair growth has reduced over the years. The only thing I don’t like about waxing is that I have to find time to go to the parlour and get it done..Finding that time is always difficult for me. :struggle: I mean with epilator you can do it whenever you want to na… 🙂

    Cali would you do a review on braun epilator..I would love to read what you have to say about it. ?:-)

    1. hehehehe …. yups thts d reason why i got epilator … m in LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH IT … i have philips one … i can review that one if u want . . . 🙂 :-))

  2. i’ve always opted for waxing….never tried the epilators…my friends always scared me that its very painful n stuff… btw how much does a decent epilator costs?

  3. hi rids,…
    such a nice post………..
    yar i have been doing waxing fr past say 7-8 yrs…..but as u said i m also a very unplanned person..so i wud like to have an epilator fr myself also….this ice pack waala sounds good….
    so plz solve few queries of mine plz……….

    1-tell me can we do both waxing and epilating on an alternate basis…..?
    2-is epilation underarm and bikini line safe also?
    3-any recommendations…..panasonic?braun?phillips?
    4-price range?

    1. why not ?? you can do waxing and then epilation…. absoltuely yes !! i always do this … when i have time – head for waxing …otherwise epilator jindabad !!!

      epilation underarm and bikini line is painful …… epilation is not recommended for bikini line ..but i hav heard many people doin it ….
      you can epilate your underarms. . no harm in that ..but i MUST REMIND U .. its painful process… you have to make sure u realllllllly stretch your underarm skin veryyyyy well … the more you stretch .. d less painful it ll be … N OF COURSE ..GOT TO HV COURAGE TO DO IT . . 🙂

      I USE PHILIPS ONE .. BUT I HV HEARD BRAUN makes really good epilators. . . the price range of philips starts around 2000 ..goes upto 5000

  4. I tried any sort of epilators/razors/wax/creams/strips whatever is available and decided to stick with good ol’ waxing…and i dont even find it painful anymore….

    I strictly go to parlours though cause at home its just unresoanble to me…

    i have the wax,wax heater,strips and everything but still cant manage to do it myself…so once every 40 days i pay a to the parlour that good you reminded me is already due

    :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
    .-= Deb´s last blog ..Aint they looking great =-.

    :-)) good that you posted it here!
    I have never used epilators, have been waxing since a lonng time 🙂
    Okay questions
    1.does your hair grow back thicker?
    Ingrown hair?
    In how many days does your hair grow back after epilating?

    which brand will would you suggest ?
    Price? 😀
    :chic: AWESOME POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    .-= Giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

    1. thnks gia !!! 🙂 🙂

      epilators are good … once u get the hang of it .. you have smooth hands for upto 3 weeks i guess… (IF U EPILATE REALLY WELL .. ALLOWING HAIR TO B PULLED RIGHT FRM THE ROOT)

      next , hair DOES NOT GROW THICKER… all that is rubbish ! hair grows back softer and nice ..it also grows slowly if ur hairs are epilated well. .

      next is . . . I DO USE TO GET INGROWTH HAIRS .. but now it has stopped…D TRICK IS. . THE VERY NEXT 2 DAYS AFTER YOU EPILATE, PLS USE EXFOLIATING SCRUB ON EPILATED AREA… also using loofah during shower prevents ingrown hairs… 🙂

  6. waxing or using epilator myself is hard work ?:-)
    But it will be handy if u have a sudden party or pub crisis, (people who wear skirts find these useful :chic: )

  7. ouch :pain:
    i prefer waxing coz i never tried this
    ppl say its very painful
    and now waxing is like a dream…coz it does nt hurt that much ….
    ice thing really works kya?

    rids do they give free trial of the product or something… because my sisters and cousins have bought it only to return it later coz they just cud not use it

    i have a wax heater, ready made strips and wax tins always at home for underarm disasters…
    we are really UNPLANNED PPL! :ZZZ:
    lazy to even go waxing :yawn:

      1. ya i think our brains have stopped reacting to that pain
        some times these ladies wud do the legs and arms all together
        two or more of them to torture us
        but it just doesnt bother me anymore
        i can even watch tv or talk on the phone :rotfl: while its on

        1. yups ..just as you r so used to waxing that u dont feel pain anymore … epilating your hair IS DITTO THE SAME THING … FIRST FEW TIMES U USE IT … IT PAINS LIKE HELL!!

          BUT now i can epilate in 30 mins …BOTH LEGS AND HANDS!!! while watching tv !!!! hahahaha my brain has stopped reacting to the epilator pain .. HEHEHE 🙂 🙂

          1. Using epilator on longer than size 0 is painful. One must trim longer hair to size 0 with the shaver or trimmer attachment, then use epilator. It won’t hurt much. 😊

        2. bingo neha!! i do the same… waxing doesn’t cause any sensation anymore.. and i do find it the best hair removal option.. i have an epilator but i nvr got around to using it.. i’m scared!! i prefer waxing and usually do my underarms myself as all i wear in summers are sleeveless clothes

  8. okay i am very curious about how many hair it grips and pulls in one go …u keep moving it but on a single surface area…compared to waxing

  9. waxing for me… no razors or epilators.. though i thought epilators work in similar manner as a razor.. means not pulling out the hair frm its roots.. but rids is mentioning tht epilators pull the hair frm the root ?:-) if yes, than can give it a try..coz i too prefer going to parlour for getting my arms waxed..even tried tht at home wid cold wax-strips n even veet wax strips but cant do it smoothly.. 🙁 bt surely veet wax stripes work very well for waxing my legs..nt messy at al.. 🙂

    1. HI NIDS !! yups some epilators come with two attachments… shaving attachment – works just like razor …

      epilating attachments – works like tweezers in FAST MOTION ..PULLIN HAIRS FRM ROOTS !! 🙂

  10. HI JO ! … m the only person here … WHOSE LIKE ….. INDECISIVE…. HAHAHHAA … I LIKE BOTH WAXING AND EPILATING !!! hahahahaha

  11. Never used an eplilator ?:-)
    Mostly shave (razor), but when I’ve been lazy with that I wax using strips myself. I wax my arms most of the time.
    I even prefer getting my eyebrows and upper lip waxed instead of threading :evilgrin:

    Great post rids 🙂 😀

  12. I’m pretty used to waxing now.I did try epillating once but it was so painful I quit mid way.But that was ages ago I guess it’s time to set aside my fear of pain and give it one more shot.Great article.

  13. i prefer waxing any day even though i get the redness & the bumps at time. I have never tried epilators but the thought of using it just freaks me out 😛
    I agree with whoever said Veet wax strip sucks it does !!
    You know women in Greece don’t use any hair removal methods & its socially acceptable there. Wish i could do the same at times.I get so annoyed whenever i can’t wear anything just because of my friends staring at my outrageously grown hair :-X

  14. Ive always done waxing and i prefer that…Waxing does no only remove your hair but also your dead skin..And if your skin is tanned,it becomes 1 tone lighter..Hence you get a really healthy looking soft skin.
    As far as epilators concerned..Two of my friends have been using that for a veryy long time..And both of them had the same issues about thick hair and ingrown hairs.Though your hair is removed,you still have a layer of dead skin..

    Hope that helps =)

  15. Waxing is the best, although I do use an epilator as well . Like six months I epilate and then 2 months I wax and so on. And because of this I can really tell the difference between epilating and waxing. With epilating hair may not grow back thicker (esp if you’ve pulled it from the root) but it does tend grow back faster as compared to waxing. But I think keeping an epilator around in case of hair removal emergencies is great because epilators trump razors.

    But if you are in India where waxing is relatively cheap – wax it off. But of course if you are waxing at home then epilators are better by far.

  16. waxing for me! i like it tht it takes off the tan!
    have you heard of sara wax? I went to a certain spa the other day, and they recommeded it. I just wanted a quick go, wasnt looking at anything luxurious. They said it’ll take off the tan and even the ingrown hair! sounded good but it was really expensive.

  17. Hey Rids,
    This is awesome the way you have explained in detail. I’m also totally unplanned person, till now had been doing waxing. But now being out of India it gets difficult. I think Epilator would be better than going for razor. I could not find Philips here , can you recommend being the new user which one should I get. I have got following from one of the store, will it work or plz suggest 🙂 thank,

  18. Hi An thanks for the information and tips for using epilators. I always used waxing – for years, but when I started a family I didn’t have the time or money to continue waxing. So I bought an epilator – the type that rips the hair out – OUCH! 😯
    So I persisted – I found that it was less painful if I didn’t let the hair get too long. Having very sensitive skin even years later I can still have pain using epilators and sometimes just chicken out and shave instead. I know that shaving can undo all the good I have done by waxing and epilating – but when your busy sometimes its just the easiest option.

  19. Do the review on the epilatoras and how much and from where did you get it from PALEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :weep: :weep:

  20. Hello, thanks for the article..i’m going to buy an epilator to try it out since waxing takes long & make skin irritated. Wanted to ask you mentioned you had dark underarms for a while..wanted to know how you overcame this?

  21. hey rids!!!

    thnks 4 loads of info on eplilator but m still confuse btw epilator n waxing…. m doing waxing 4m ages bt wntd 2 by epilator coz of d same reason (undecided parties)

    is it very painful? n which epilator will u suggest braun or phillips?

  22. hi gurls………
    an amazing review…… and a massive discussion between epilators n wax…..humongous response…….woaho….
    ive been an ardent reader f IMBB and writin in for the first time..
    bt i benefit a ot from here….thank u gurls.

    i also tried the sara wax..also called the international wax comes in alot of flavors…it definitely smoothens the skin,removes tan n no ingrowths,i ve used it a couple of times.
    bt epilators r sumthin i was thinkin on….plus lookin for sum hair removal options for bikini line….bt just too scared…

  23. i want to know that epilator is good for skin,my friends told to me that epilator can burn your skin and frequetly uses of eplitor can down my skin complexion,this is true?

  24. hey which method doesn’t give you dark underarms? i have only tried shaving…i have a fair complexion so my underarms look reeallyy horrible after shaving…all darkened. 😐
    so which one would u recommend? waxing or epilator?
    thanks. 🙂

  25. hiii,
    I have never used epilator, i want to try it. but i hav two questions??
    1. does it make the skin smooth ?? generally my skin becomes very silky after the waxing?
    or the feeling will be similar to the shaving / using hair removal cream
    2. Does it make the hair hard ?? waxing doesnt make hair hard/ coarse ..wht abt epliator ??

  26. Hi.i just wantes to know that “will epilator work like a razor??”.because if so , hair will grow very thick..but if it is like threading the hair..thn no problem

    i want to know that , it removes hair from its root or not??if yes , for which product i should go???

    please help me out

  27. Hi, I’m looking to get an epilator (waxing is getting expensive for me)… I was wondering what I should look for when lookign at different ones, or (and) what are good brands for them?
    The price isn’t a biggie since I hope to have it for a while…

  28. Epilators anytime…im using panasonic from the past one year…believe me its amazing with no hard/thick hair growth, no darkening, no pain, no rashes or irritation….. hair growth has reduced on my arms and it removes dead skin too. Though its not advised to use it on under arms area, its strictly mentioned on the manual itself… A BIG NO to waxing and a BIG YES to EPILATORS 🙂

  29. hey girls ….very nice post…i have my views for braun epilator actually when i came to US last year..m very upset that gong parlor is not easy here….so one day i heard about braun epilator one of my friend told me abt that….so i done some rnd and ordered online…and it work for me perfectly ..m really very happy to have this … in USA i got in 109 $ .m proudly recommend this ..it work best when u have no time or when u r traveling. rating 5/5

  30. Hi i want to use epilator but i just need to that- can i use it on my hands includes( fingers too)??? i could see braun’s epilctor has a brusn n tweezers and philips has tweezers alone… so which is best??? i just want my legs n hands to be hair free…. pls let me know the best one… i am sick of waxing.. i need someones help for doing it…..

  31. also i forgot to mention you that hair growth is faster in my case… so can I use epilctor on the very small hairs like visible hairs which grows back ?????

  32. I have waxed several times but as you said, I’m too lazy to plan trips to the salon. Then tried doing waxing at home but it was a real mess. Now bought myself a Philips epilator. Mine has attachment for sensitive area like underarms and bikini line. Let me tell you. First time, was like HELL… *grrr* yeah, hell is the right word. Second time was a real surprise. I didn’t have any pain. I epilate my underarms all time. Recently tried bikini line and it was not so terrible. I stay hairless for a week with epilation and 2 weeks with waxing but hair is not coarse. It pulls out from the roots and if you master the art, it’s a best companion (even for ppl like me whose hair grows super fast).

    Go for it girls… It’s not a bad choice.

  33. I am using epilator from 14 yrs. My first epilator was Braun and it was last upto 8 yrs, then I bought Philips which is much faster and less painful than Braun. The big advantage of epilator over waxing it can remove a bit grown hair too which is impossible in waxing. And u can be ready for the party anytime without indulge yourself in messy waxing.

  34. never used epilator 🙁 nd waxing causes acne…should i use epilator? Does it increase hair growth or thickening of hair? when i wax my arms d hair grows back within a weak is it same with epilator?

  35. hi….i used to do waxing….but after that i used to get boils n that irritates me very much…on my hand and legs…i get boils everywhere…can anyone recommend me why does it happen….and everyone say that waxing last for 6-8 weeks..but i get hairgrowth in 3 weeks….
    Now i m thinking to use epilator…so shuld i go for it??????

  36. *ghost*
    After reading this post I m scared of using an epilator. Razors are too horrible. They harshen the skin. as I stay in a remote area where I cant visit the parlor frequently. I do razors and nowdays I have decided to stop hair removal becas of skin problems. I need few more guides on epilator. Can somebody please help in chosin a right epilator and its side effects if any.
    *shock* *scared*

  37. hey thanx fr d description….nice article…hav no tym fr waxing..got fed wid this stuff…..will it really b ok 2 use elipator?? does it hav any side effects???

  38. Hey gal,

    I have opted towards waxing over a period of time…but i definitely feel getting used to the epilator is always an added advantage in time of crisis. I have also heard from my circle that emjoi epilators are less painful.

  39. Many many thanks for this article..when I think buy a epilator sm how I sceard.. bt u solve my prob. I think u just assure me pls, if I buy 1500 /- renge epilator its good?or pls suggest me which co. Epilator I can buy in this reng?
    I hv 1 yet old child & don’t hv much more time for waxing but I really need it bcz I have havy hair grow in my legs& hands also..pls help

  40. Hi all,

    This blog post was quite interesting for a lot of reasons… the reasons people give for choosing wht they find right… !!

    Rest i would like to make a point here
    Epilation is quite easy to do… anytime anywhere.. one time investment..
    Waxing time consuming.. expensive.. hard to to fix appointments with parlor…

    Now a days epilators are IN cz we dont have time.. to waste!! 😛
    Best one would be BRAUN.. 3/5/7

  41. I have been doing waxing for the past 3 years.. and before 8 months i started getting red and black marks on skin.. the dermatologist said its bcz of waxing and told me not to do it! what do i do now?? and does using epilator cause me these marks?? what are the other options to remove hair without causing any harm to the skin??

  42. As painful as the epilator was for me it was better because there was less of a mess. Also, you have to keep on buying waxing strips or make it. The epilator you only have to buy it once you you’re good so it’s a cheaper method. The only reason I wouldn’t recommend it is if you have a high pain tolerance. But for both of the methods, hair doesn’t grow back for a good 6-8 weeks.

  43. Just bought Braun eplilator and I found it no more painful that waxing which I used to do. I love it as it is not time consuming or messy.
    I would imagine it would be painful if you previously only shaved your hair but then so is waxing previously shaved hair.
    Wished I bought it years ago but had heard tales of how painful it is!

  44. I am a teenager and i was just searching for ways to do hair removal! I have never done it anytime! Can anyone suggest me a way to do it! And why are epilators painful?

    1. Hi dear as u never removed your hair waxing will sutable fr u….by the time your skin gets used to waxing u can try good epi then….tc! *puchhi*

  45. hi,
    Plz suggest me a good epilator, not too expensive( within 4500rs.) but good service. I have 1 of philips. but that is mainly for legs. I want a full body epilator (mainly hands and underarms) which will epilate well.
    Thanks in advance 🙂 and also HAPY NEW YEAR 🙂

  46. Well, as my name also suggests, I prefer epilators because these devices not only remove hair from the root, which means long lasting results, but are also affordable and have a life span of at least two years. Those are the biggest reasons for choosing epilators. So, once get used to the pain and the hairs become fewer and thinner, there’s only good things to tell about epilators *thankyou*

  47. Hey girlz….i want to know which is a easy mathod to remove hair frm bikini line…..honestly i m very afraid of razer so cant even think to shave…n the hair gows back r so hard n thick….so plz suggest me smthin…bt if the only way is shaving….i have to get used thru it

  48. Hello gals…!!

    i have one doubt..
    Can epilator be used to clean the hair growth on upper lips??
    If not then wat can be used??

  49. I have my own philips epilator and i have only used it once on my hands.After that i found my hairs growing long and some new hairs have been started growing on my hands.so i stopped using it.
    Does using the epilator reduces hair later?
    I would really want to know about it..plz reply asap!!

  50. hi…thanks for d grt article..really helped me to decide whtr i shud buy an epilator or not…my husband s n merchant navy..so i wil b going wth hm 2 sail for good four mnths n therefore no parlours around (unless thrs one under water)…i hv a little hair growth on my chin n i usually gt it waxed or use a thread 2 remove it( in a parlour)…dnt hv d courage 2 do it myself…
    so my main and the most imp question is, can i use d epilator to epilate my chin hair and d upper lip hair? is it safe? and how good is the new philips trimmer? any idea abt it?
    thanx in advance..

  51. Hi everyone…Please tell me can i use epilator on face… Like for upperlips or chin…. Nd which is the best…

  52. I’ve used both methods, and I highly recommend NOT showering or taking a bath before doing either – The hot water will soften the hairs, and make them more liable to break off rather than be pulled out from the root. A heating pad or hot towels, with a layer of dry towel between those and the skin will also work to open up pores without weakening the hairs.

    Epilators don’t work so well on finer hair, so I’d recommend waxing the face, either cold wax strips (I’ve found that strips with blue wax work best), or hard wax (the kind used without separate strips).

    Pretty much any oil will remove excess wax from the skin. Aloe vera and azulene oil products work very well to calm the skin post-epilation.

    Rubbing alcohol will remove wax from utensils, tables, etc.

  53. I prefer epilators…it’s quick easy and it’s cheap whereas with waxing its expensive but downside is that it’s loud

  54. Hii there!!
    Can someone suggest me if I should use trimmer/epilator?? And also can I use the same trimmer/epilator for underarms and bikini wax together??

  55. Nice comparision. Totally agree with all the points mentioned.
    I have been using epilator for last 3yrs, I use it for underarm too. The thing I love abt epilation is whenever my hair grows back (takes abt 5weeks, whereas waxing takes 3 weeks) they r thinner n smoother than before. In between if I wax or shave they grow back thick n coarse!
    It hurts to use epilator for underarms, bt the result makes it worth the effort!
    All the best gals.. Decide wisely!

  56. HI Good idea..
    I have cme across so many arguments over this topic.. Thnks for info 🙂 and BTW i have decided to use epilator which am thinking can reduce hairgrowth ( or i can say thick hair back ) ..
    Any suggestions plzz.. And am going US for two or three years . so dnt want to spend lot of money on this .. 😉 want to do on my own .

  57. I read in an flipkart review for one of the epilators, that the epilator caught some skin and horror of horrors wouldn’t “let go”, reading that made my stomach turn. Is there any truth in it?

  58. hi rids….
    i have been waxng my legs hands.. but in the earlier stage they use to be smooth…but now whenever i go for waxing.. after few days like 5-6 days i start getting ingrown hair… n dey r ssoooo damn emberrising. after scrubbing once..dey still don’t go. until n unless there is a full growth of new hair. so do you thing epilator is a good option to avoid ingrown hair??

  59. Awesome…
    I always had a confusion between waxing n epilators…
    Although I had a braun epilator, I was always doubtful while using it…
    I happily use it nw 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  60. hi i have lots of facial hair.i have tried waxing threading but all r painful.recently i have moved to germany and cant fing parlors so i bought an eyebrow n bikiniline trimmer and i used it on my chin n cheek .the hairs have gone but i m afraid will it grow back like men

  61. Hi, I’m using an epilator for my armpits and legs but I’ve only used it a few times. I wonder do you use an epilator for your bikini area too? If you do, can you tell us some about it. Pros and cons, does it hurt, how to etc. Thankyou so much! 🙂

  62. Hiii, i hv been using Panasonic epilator for around 1 year now and it’s very good,works well. Epilation is a bit painful in the beginning but after 2 3 times u get used to it n it doesn’t hurt that much. Epilator can take out even very tiny n fine hair of 3mm length. Use it whenever u want,no mess,no need to go to the parlour,saves money. Just some ingrown hair u may get. Exfoliate for that. U can get a good epilator in 1500 to 3000rs range. 🙂

  63. I think it can be difficult to start with epilation because it can be very painful if you have never waxed. I recommend starting off with professional waxing and then epilating the regrowth because it is less painful that way. If you start with epilation you are going to have to grit your teeth through the first couple sessions.

    Poornima, if used improperly an epilator can pinch the skin on areas with looser skin. Epilators work better on flatter surfaces so if you you are doing areas with loose skin you have to pull it flat.

  64. Hello there!! I’m a 14 yrs old teen and I’m finding the easiest way of removing hairs from my armpits….. I kept on shaving them for past 1 year and made them dark… also I can’t handle much pain…. I asked my mom about waxing and she said that its the best way but a bit painful at first…. so my question is that what will u recommend for me- waxing or epilating??

  65. I have a really sensitive skin and waxing doesn’t suit me at all. My skin goes red with bumps and weird skin and I literally have scarred arms now. So I have been looking for some alternative but I’m a bit apprehsive about using an epilator, what if it doesn’t suit me either? Is it okay for really sensitive skin?

  66. I‘ve been waxing for approximately 2-3 years now….though it gives great results,but i need to sort my schedule to go to the parlour for it…i saw this TV commercial for philips satinelle epillator…is it good?will it pain a lot?more than waxing?please answer soon

  67. Hi Cali
    I’m an ammatuer when it comes to epilating. Infact I just bought my first epilator. I bought myself a philips BRE201/00 model. It has the basic epilator, a shaving head and a sensitive area cap. In the instruction guide the shaving head is used for underarms and bikini but I don’t want to shave. Is it okay if I use the tweezing epilator thing for these areas?

  68. An epilator saves you a lot of money and time. I’ve been using for 20 years. Braun n Phillips are the best. Just make sure you exfoliate the day after you epilate with a rough cloth or bath glove to prevent ingrown hair

  69. Your blog is awesome and some excellent information is shared. An epilator device is more useful than waxing or tweezing. Waxing is a real trouble, and has more pain. shaving is not a logical solution.Epilator has great features and makes our life easier.

  70. How did you get rid of black underarms? I am still suffering from them..initially I began my hair removal thru veet,got dark underarms..then switched to waxing for next 4years and now am using epilator since 6months,still I have dark underarms.

  71. I have been using epilator for last 3 yrs, I use it for underarm, too. The thing I love about epilation is whenever my hair grows back (takes about 5 weeks) they’re thinner and smoother than before.
    It hurts to use epilator for underarms, but the result makes it worth the effort!

  72. Exactly! Waxing gets super boring. I also experienced those crazy red rashes. I hate to wax! I always prefer epilator more than waxing. Think about a long Europe tour and taking that small epilator just somewhere inside your package! Ahhhh… bikini body without that disgusting gooey burning feeling! Epilating was painful for first few times. But it’s much easier now. So my preference will always go with an Epilator.
    Good sharing. Thanks 🙂

  73. Epilators FTW!! I got serious skin irritation whenever I waxed. So, I switched to epilators like 3-4 years ago and I’ve never felt like waxing again.
    Yes, it did hurt the first few times but now it’s fine. And I make sure the hair growth is not too much when I epilate.

    I have a Braun Silk Epil 3 and I love it. Bought it for a mere 3k and after 4 years, it’s still working fine. (Haha. Who would’ve thought that?)
    It has a torchlight built into the button, which helps make the hair more visible. It also has a protector kind of a thing, because of which no matter how hard you push or how clumsy you are, you won’t hurt yourself.
    If anyone wants to try, go for it.

  74. I know I’m late… But I wanted to ask this question. I have very thick n dark hair on my belly and I can’t use razor as hair grows back very thick again. I think i got thick hair because i used to shave. So my question is can i use epilator on my stomach? Will it be safe?

  75. I prefer epilators myself. I find waxing too messy and complicated. Another benefit of using an epilator is that you don’t have to wait for the hair to grow out like you do with waxing.

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