15 Tips To Look Slim in Indian Outfits

Is there anyone who does not want to flaunt a slim figure? Who is not fond of that faultless shape which adds a different dimension to your personality? But unfortunately, we are not always blessed with a nice figure and no matter how much control we exercise on our urge to binge on our favourite food items (which is most of the times fried, oily and spicy!) and how much we work out, perhaps we never get that slim and trim figure of our dreams. Indian women, with their great culture and rich heritage, loaded with traditions, are naturally beautiful. Yet there are times when you are still sad about the fact that you look fat in Indian clothes! Here is an article for all those women who want to know how to look slim in Indian outfits.

Slim in Indian outfits

How To Look Slim in Indian Outfits – 15 Tips and Tricks:

The fact is, Indian wear in general imparts a slimmer look to women. With drapes and layers so integral to Indian outfits, you can very well use these dresses to reveal your beautiful parts and camouflage the ones which are bulky! Here are the top 15 tips on how to choose and wear Indian outfits to look slimmer:

1. It is important that you understand the kind of outfit which fits your body in the perfect way.
2. If you are a top-heavy woman, do not wear fabrics that cling to your top portions.
3. Do away with any kind of frill or gathering of dress materials in your kameezes or lehengas to look slimmer.
4. If you have a heavy top, avoid frills near the neck lines.

Red Cowl Churidhar

5. If your have a heavy bottom, avoid the same near your hips. In fact, churidaars would be a nice alternative for you instead of those huge patialas.
6. If your have bulky hips, choose the outfit which will conceal them.
7. Your kurtis should cover up your hips properly and make sure that instead of flaring towards the bottom, your kurti should give a narrower look.
8. Monochromatic Indian outfits make you look tall and less bulky.
9. Get hold of Indian kurtis that are a little loose on your body.
10. Go for smaller prints if you are in love with printed dress materials.
11. If you nurture a secret love for stripes, go for vertical ones.
12. Fine silk sarees and crepes make you look slimmer than heavy silk sarees. Delicately embroidered and sequined sarees also give a slender look to you.

Green Silk Saree

13. Tie your hair in a high bun or a high pony tail. Any kind of frizzy hair style adds volume to your bust as well!
14. Go for heels! High heel shoes look very nice with Indian outfits and at the same time, make you look taller and therefore, less fat!
15. Choose longish earrings and long sleek chains with cute pendants. This will not only accentuate your looks but will also make you look slim.

Apart from these simple do’s and don’ts, there are a few other things which you should keep in mind while you wear Indian dresses. For instance, keep your posture right. Stick your belly in so that it doesn’t bulge out a bit too much. Wear a blouse with the right kind of fitting and cut. For instance, you wouldn’t want a mound of flesh to protrude out at your back by wearing a backless choli! If you want a particular body part to be camouflaged, never wear glitters and shimmers there. Avoid any sparking beards on that area of your lehenga or kurti. With these simple tips, you can really stand out in the crowd, tall and slim, gorgeous and beautifully traditional!

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23 thoughts on “15 Tips To Look Slim in Indian Outfits

  1. Hahaha, I would like to raise my hand in affirmative for the question at the beginning of this article, Somreeta. 😛 Okay, well, I DO want to flaunt my slim figure but I look ridiculous in Indian wear. So, an article on how to accentuate your figure using Indian wear would be much appreciated. 😀

        1. Hello Surabhi! 🙂 Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy but I think I have finally got time management under my thumb (or at least some semblance of it :P). And no, I am not on FB. I left it in 2009 because I was too tired of playing Scrabble and “harvesting” my pumpkins or “milking” my cows and obsessing over (terrible) profile pictures of people I hate. 😛

          How have you been?

    1. best way to start is to wear kurtis on jeans and once u r comfy with this much of indian stuff work your way up to full suits like churidars, salwars etc. You can team up kurtis with indian footwear and even accessorize with ethnic jewelry. Follow the tips that Somreeta gave for the fitting and you should do fine. good luck 🙂

      1. Thanks for the tips, Aru. I do have a couple of kurtis which I always team up with jeans. Never thought about accessoring with ethnic jewellery though. Will try that look. 😀

  2. Hey somreeta, great article! I am quite bulky and my trusted refuge is the saree. I have all kinds of them, silk, crepe, cotton silk cotton, georgette and all! Any occasion where I have to dress up I chose saree. It shows me to be slimmer and talller! Taking idea from you I will try to do a post on saree styles to make us look slimmer!

    1. hi sandhya……thank u…even i love saree whenever i have to dress up a bit. u feel saree goes well whether ur bulky or thin!! a post n saree is always exciting for me..do it soon 🙂

  3. I liked it Somreeta.. though I find it hard to follow or keep these things in mind when I buy clothes. Coz sometimes the theory says.. you look beautiful in clothes that you are most comfortable in!!! So.. I think its dicey to pick clothes with so many thoughts running in head. But nevertheless.. an informative post.

    1. thanx……
      u r so rite Surabhi…..even i feel its difficult to keep so many things in mind while shoping. in fact, for everything we do..we cant keep so much f do’s and dont’s in mind. however, a few things can surely b followed. 😉

  4. Great tips, Somreeta!!! I think wearing three quarter sleeves are also quite slimming, sleeveless blouses/kurtas look better on toned arms :-).

  5. nice post Somreeta.i agree wearing high heels and long earings do make u look slim..and long straight bindis too..this is wat i feel.. 🙂

  6. such a great post somreeta. actually never put so much brains into ethnic outfits. this post would totally come in handy when i choose my ethnic outfit next. :))

  7. I think you were passed with a dream to write this article only for me :), wow so so so necessary for me, and not to be very funny I require all the 15 points, really 🙂

  8. I have to say this is a wonderfully written article, you have taken care of so many points painstakingly, really kudos to your effort 🙂

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