Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection Review, EOTD

Eye color: brown, monolids.
Skin type: Oily eyelids.

Hello beauties,

I am so excited yet accept my apologies to bring you the much-awaited review of my long purchased Too Faced latest eye shadow palette. Honestly, when I received it, I had real high hopes for this product but meanwhile, I tried few more palettes from Urban Decay naked 1, 2 and 3, NYX quads and single eyeshadow bars from Sephora that, somehow, the charm of Chocolate eye palette started fading. I am still in two minds about this product while I have been using it for 5+ months. I like the sizzling colours on my skin but, I hate to say that it sometimes behave like an average product unless we use a primer and a base color. I have applied primer potion to take clear pigmented swatches on hands even! So, let’s read more about Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette!


Price: $49 for 0.03 oz each of 14 eye shadows and 0.07 oz each of 2 eye shadows in one palette.
Product Description:
Discover a candy-coated confection of heart-shaped delights with 16 matte and shimmer shades in cool pops of color, sugary brights, and beautiful go-to neutrals—all infused with our chocolate-scented, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder formula. Chocolate Bon Bons is the third palette in our bestselling Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection (and some might say the cutest!). We’ve included our signature Glamour Guide with three beauty looks to get you started, but don’t stop there—the looks are limitless.




My Experience with Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection:


The packaging is totally an eye candy with sturdy metallic pink flip top case and a magnetic closure mechanism. Once you are done admiring the hot pink hearts on the top case, just open the box and you will feel like diving in a cocoa lake as the heavenly chocolate smell lingers on for minutes; don’t forget those cute 14 mini heart eye shadows inside with 2 long chocolate shaped bars as well. Now, this definitely impresses me as I have been using this product since march and still the cocoa smell lingers on every time I open the box. The party is not yet over as it includes minute details with a mirror, applicator and number of guides for eye looks included with the packaging to make your day. I just miss the brush/sponge applicators but, never mind.


As we all know this is the third bestselling eye palette from Too faced which seems just another feather on their hat but, to surprise you none of my friends (models/actors/makeup artists) swears by this product! In fact, I have done numerous shows, stage performances in the past and never found this palette in MUAs kit. However, once I gained the confidence with eye makeup and started doing with my own eyes, I realised that these shades work better with a primer and concealer, unlike other eye shadows. Though, if you compare it to Urban Decay naked palettes, you will love Too Faced as even Urban Decay colors seem sheerer to me at times, especially on bare skin.


And, I feel that using a concealer and/or base is such a mandatory task with this product or else we will end up hitting the pan for multiple layers. A few shades like “Bordeaux” “Dark truffle” “Mocha” and “Malted” are exceptionally pigmented enough to give you a full color pay off in 1-2 swipes. Moreover, I am impressed to see that majority of the shades look chalky and often tend to appear messy in the pan but, they come up quite smooth and silky and satiny on the eyes.

I am also impressed by their 5+ hours of staying power without creasing or fading on my oily skin. People who love to wear an earthy copper tone or bronze gold theme makeup would love it as I see a majority of browns, earthy tone colors in the palette with just 2 candy pink shades and shimmery blue-green for a change. To simplify the task, I divided this palette into 3 rows and I will discuss this product row by row.

Row 1:


Row 1 mainly consists of intensely pigmented lighter colors (as per their usage on my skin tone) with 1 soft matte and 4 shimmery shades.

1. Almond Truffle: A soft muted mauvish brown color which shows up nicely on my skin; it may appear bland on medium/dark skin tone beauties I think. It has a smooth silky texture to impart a full color pay off with a smooth matte finish. It also blends easily on the skin without giving fall outs or looking chalky.

2. Satin Sheets: A shimmery milky white shade bar with hints of pink, perfect for illuminating inner corners or can be used as a highlighter on the brow bones. It is also quite a pigmented shade, though, it needs few swipes to show up on my skin. I believe it is too pale for fairer skin tones. It appears a bit chalky in the pan and does end up looking bit uneven on the skin, somehow. I think the texture could have been better as it is not an easy task to blend this shade hence, confined its usage for small areas.

3. Sprinkles: It is an icy pink shade which can work well on the brow bone for pink themed makeup looks. It might look a bit tricky for pale/light skin tones. But, we can use it in conjunction with darker shades for a pop of color. Considering the pale color and semi-opaque color payoff, I am not sure about its utility on a variety of skin tones. It also appears slightly powdery in the pan but, appears satin silky with a subtle hint of shimmers on the skin.

4. Molasses Chip: A shimmery golden bronze shade with smooth color pay off. It has a quite silky soft texture which glides nicely on the skin with full color pay off in just 1-2 swipes. It tends to blend easily providing a smooth and satin finish which stays put for 7-8 hours without creasing or fading. I see myself using it a lot for various festive looks, lately. It is one multipurpose shade that can be used alone or as an illuminator, highlighter on a variety of skin tones.

5. Malted: A medium chocolate brown semi-matte shade with hints of gold sparkles which does not make it look frosty yet add an oomph of shimmers at the same time. I love this universal shade which will work on a variety of skin tone beauties. It has a soft silky formula with equally pigmented and smooth finish on the skin which stays put for 6+ hours comfortably.

Row 2:


The second row contains 6 miniature hearts with colorful matte and shimmery shades.

1. Cashew Chew: A subtle peachy pink shade with a bit of powdery finish which seems sheerer than other shades in the pan. But, it does not give fall outs apart from being a bit sheer and a slight drying formula. I don’t see myself using this color except for using as an all over lid color to pop up the lesser pigmented colors in this pan.

2. Cotton Candy: A perfect blend of silver pink shimmers. It appears nicely on my skin with a satin silky finish. I just wish it was more pigmented as it needs few swipes to stay put nicely on my skin. I love how it imparts a soft subtle shimmery pink hue which is good to be used alone or with other darker shades. I have used it several times on different occasions considering that I have a variety of pink, magenta outfits to sport this color and I don’t think I had ever loved pink on my eyes such that I sport this shade even with royal blue and bright yellow outfits as well.

3. Café Au Lait: A medium brown shade with a hint of silver sparkles which surprisingly shows up pigmented on the skin even without a primer. It gives a silver champagne color payoff on the skin while it blends easily to give a smooth silky finish without any fall outs. It is one hot shade for festive or party looks and one multi-purpose shade to work on a variety of skin tones. It stays put nicely for hours and hours without fading or creasing.

4. Bordeaux: A soft matte brown shade with a marsala hint at times. It is also intensely pigmented to provide a full-color pay off in 1-2 swipes with a light-weight formula. It blends easily on the skin imparting a silky satin matte finish without creasing or fading. It stays on for a good 6+ hours. I find it working well on a variety of skin tones, though, it may look muddy on certain skin tones.

7. Mocha: A matte light brown shade which might work as a transition shade. It does appear slightly powdery when brushing on but, appears silky smooth and blends well on the skin with no fall outs. It works well as a transition shade for me, while I haven’t used it precisely other than simply mix matching with other darker shades to show up on the skin. It stays put for several hours with a smooth non-patchy finish.

8. Black Currant: A shimmery purple eyeshadow with a hint of black undertones and purple sparkles. I am pretty disappointed by the subtle pigmentation unlike how it looks in the pan. No matter, how many times I dab it on the skin generously or press gently, the moment we start blending, it almost dissipates onto a subtle sheen surprisingly. As much as I loved it in the pan, I barely used it in my make up for its tricky dry formula and finish. I do use it with a wet liner brush for lining my eyes and it looks better that way. Probably, this would be one of the sheerer and least used color in this pan.

Row 3:


The last row consists of 5 pigmented shades with some of my favourites as I always use them as eyeliners on the lash lines except the shade “Divinity” and “Pecan praline”.

1. Dark Truffle: A dark pearly brown shade with hints of red undertones. It is an intensely pigmented shade and a rare quality shade in this pan. I love how it appears seamlessly and smooth on the skin with effortless blending. I love using it as a lash liner apart from pairing it with lighter earthy tone shades for various theme looks. It also works nicely without an eyeshadow base and primer, while it stays on and on for 7-8 hours with a silky satin finish and crease-free formula.

2. Pecan Praline: A matte greyish shade which appears a bit chalky in the pan and gives a sheer color payoff on the skin. I am yet to use this color on my skin tone considering its faded finish and sheerer coverage.

3. Totally Fetch: A bright fuchsia pink with a pearly sheen. However, it is not as intensely pigmented as it appears in the pan. I need few generous swipes to show up the shade on the skin while it tends to tone down, once it is blended properly. It definitely needs a base primer, for the color to show up its real intensity on the eyelids. It stays on for good 5-6 hours without fading but, I really had high hopes from this lovely color.

4. Earl Grey: It is a fine mixture of black and teal shades and tends to look different under different light settings and techniques applied. It blends nicely on the skin, though, I am not so happy with the color payoff which appears sheerer when blended. It appears unlikely of teal black if we go overboard in the application. I usually prefer using it with a wet brush for smudging along the lash line as it is real tricky for me to use on the eyes.

5. Divinity: A matte off white beige shade with a subtle hint of sparkles. It is way dusty and chalky in the pan such that I often struggle with the fall outs on my skin. Though, I am happy to see other(one among few) pigmented shades in this pan which easily blends to provide a sheer finish on the skin. I have a like-dislike relation with this shade.

To sum it up for you, I feel this can be easily replaced if you already own their sister palettes. Personally, I am not over the moon even after owning it for more than 6 months. I feel that it is kind of a slightly over hyped product especially, considering the price and the color payoff of most of the shades in the pan. Probably, it would be a collector’s item for a number of pinks, brown and different colors in one palette. Though, I still cannot believe I had paid 50 Dollars for this palette!


Pros of Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection:

  • A heavenly smelling cocoa infused heart shaped eyeshadows.
  • Suitable for a variety of skin tones.
  • A number of colors in one single pan including bright pink, browns.
  • The majority of shades blend nicely on the skin.
  • Except for few shades, most of the colors give a silky satin and smooth finish on the skin.
  • Usually, the colors stay nicely for 5+ hours on my oily skin.
  • They provide crease-free and even tone, saturated color pay off mostly.
  • Such an eye candy packaging with travel-friendly sleek compact.

Cons of Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection:

  • Few of the colors appear thinner in finish.
  • Shades like “Totally fetch” and “Black Currant” slightly disappointed.
  • I see mostly copper browns, bronze earth-toned colors in the pan.
  • Most popping colors are way subtle on the skin even with a primer base.
  • A Primer, eye shadow base and concealer is a must to show up color on the skin
  • Few shades have a powdery and flaky texture.
  • Pricey for a handful of pigmented colors out of 16 shades.


I used cotton candy, totally fetch, satin sheets to create pink theme looks. And I paired “Blackcurrant” with “Totally fetch” in the last picture with “Almond Truffle” on crease which seems way subtle as mentioned in the review and I also used it on my lash lines.



I used black currant, satin sheets, molasses chips for eye makeup and “Totally fetch” along the lash lines.
In the last picture paired with Mocha, Molasses chip on eyelids with Bordeaux on the crease and satin sheets on the brow bone for subtle earth tone looks.



I picked molasses chip for inner corners and satin sheets on the brow bone, used Totally fetch on the lash lines, combining Molasses chip and Blackcurrant for a two-toned color; Almond truffle for smudging along the crease.



I used dark truffle on the lash line and paired Mocha, smudged Almond truffle with Cashew Chew and Café Au Lait on inner corners of the eye to create a subtle everyday look.


IMBB Rating: 3.9/5!
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection?
If you are okay to buy the palette for this price, I would recommend it.

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