Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer Review

Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer

Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer


Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all doing well. This is my first review and I am very excited and happy to be a part of IMBB.  So, here goes my review.

Name of the Product:

Lush Skin Drink.


Rs. 1,080 for 45 gm.

Shelf Life:

1 year.


Water, Sesame oil, Rose petal infusion, Organic avocado, Almond oil, Propylene glycol, Cocoa Butter, Stearic acid, Cetearyl alcohol, Aloe Vera extract, Organic Aloe Vera gel, Evening Primrose oil, Neroli oil, Rose absolute, Triethanolamine, *Geraniol , *Farnesol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.
*Occurs naturally in essential oils.

Lush cosmetics

Product Claim:

Rich moisturizer for parched skin. This is our rich, thick cream to turn rough, dry skin into soft, supple skin for as long as you continue to use it. A delicious blend of sesame, almond and evening primrose oils to moisturize, organic avocado to soften and calming rose oil, all mixed up in soothing aloe vera.

How To Use:

Put a dab on your fingertip and pat gently onto clean, slightly damp skin. A little bit goes a long way.


My Experience with Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer:

I have a very dry, acne-prone skin. I was on a hunt for a good moisturizer and I came across the brand Lush here in IMBB. So, I thought of giving it a try with their moisturizer Skin Drink, which is formulated for dry skin and I am glad that I did so.  It is a heavy moisturizer and my skin literally drinks it up. A little bit is sufficient for the entire face, if I use too much of it, it tends to make my face oily. I have been using this for 2 months now, it did not break me out and my skin has become soft and supple. The smell is a total turn off for me, but it does not last for a long time. I have been using this liberally for 2 months and still a quarter of the product is left, so a tub will last for 2 to 2-and-a-half months depending upon the usage.


Pros of Lush Skin Drink:

• It moisturizes my skin well, made my dry skin soft and supple.
• Made of many natural oils.
• It did not break me out.
• The moisturizer has a slightly runny consistency and gets readily absorbed into the skin.

Cons of Lush Skin Drink:

• The smell of the product is a total turn off.
• It has no SPF content.
• The packaging. It comes in a tub and you have to keep the tub upright all the time or else, the product tends to get settled in the sides of the tub. You may have to take it in a cover or zip lock during travel or else it will make your luggage messy.
• The price is on the higher side.
• It has parabens.

Overall Rating:

3.5 out of 5.

Would I Recommend?

Yes, if you have dry to very dry skin type, then definitely give this a try.

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39 thoughts on “Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer Review

  1. This doesnt sound much like a very intersting prdt! :yikes:
    I think Lush is good for their soaps and shampoos.
    Nice review, Paddu :waytogo:

  2. Not for me. :nono: I like all my products to smell nice. And :spank: for parabens.
    Nice review,Paddu! :puchhi: :mirror:

    1. me too prags :high5: … love my things to smell nice :makeup: :makeup: .. whenever i buy a product i mostly try to get a sniff first :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

      1. Inch pinch! Inch pinch! :happydance: :happydance: :high5: :high5:
        I always sniff at stuff.Including my llippies. :dumb: :dumb:

  3. i love ur name..its so phhuunnnyyy.. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: .. Padduuu…i love saying it :preen: :preen: :preen: .. nice review

  4. i too have very dry skin and as in dire need of a good moisturising cream 🙁 …but i think will give this
    a pass(so many cons at that price!! :smug: ) . yet to try anything from lush :-/
    nice review, Paddu :thanks:

  5. I was about to pick this next since I also have dry skin. Actually i dont rely too much on my moisturizers for the SPF content. I guess it si serving its purpose of moisturizing. I’d like to give this a try. Welcome to imbb. :))

  6. Skin drink sounds only so hydrating..the moisturizer looks also so good. :yuck: for the smell. I ALWAYS think i will buy Lush becos it smells so good but I never ever buy..this month 100% i will buy something from Lush :yahoo:

        1. Bhotttttttt achi……… awesommm fun :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: bdaaa mjaaa aayaaa :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

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                2. And I thought I was the only one having this problem 😐
                  I had to get my reservation done for 1st november ,and I got it for 1st december instead :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

  7. nice review paddu :)) lush being so expensive must use some good ingredients other than parabens, that is the only thing i dont like about them

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