Inglot 12S Lip Brush Review

Inglot 12S Lip Brush Review

Hello IMBBians,

I am here to review the 12S lip brush from Inglot which was a recent purchase of mine.  I always see that professionals always use a brush to apply lipstick.  I always wondered if a lip brush was a very necessary tool in the kit or not.  I once happened to check some lipsticks at a nearby Inglot store.The MUA there applied the lipsticks using this brush called 12S.  I asked her if I can also try using this and she allowed me to try it.  I was never a “lipstick person” before, so I am not very good at applying them also.

Inglot 12S Lip Brush Review

I do not have very prominent lips, especially the upper lip, which needs some work to be done.  Instead of using lip liners, I prefer using this brush to line my lips and fill them.  When I tried the Inglot lipsticks at the store, I understood how much a lip brush actually makes a difference to the lips.  Not only is the application even, but also are the lines minimal.  Inglot has two kind of lip brushes, one is called the “Sable” which is a pointed lip brush and the other one is the 12S which I am reviewing here.  I found this to be better than “Sable.”

Inglot 12S Lip Brush Review

About the brush

Handle:  Wood/brass in nickel colour.

Hair:  Sable.


The Sable is a species of marten which inhabits forest environments, primarily in Russia from the Ural Mountains throughout Siberia, in northern Mongolia and China and on Hokkaidō in Japan.  Sable fur has been a highly-valued item in the fur trade.  Sable fur is unique because it retains its smoothness in every direction it is stroked.


Rs. 880

Inglot 12S Lip Brush Review

Pros of Inglot 12S Lip Brush:

  • Very soft.
  • Just the right density.
  • Does not shed bristles.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Applies lip products evenly.
  • Helps line the lips perfectly

Inglot 12S Lip Brush Review

Cons of Inglot 12S Lip Brush:

  • The price can be a con for some, but I feel it is one-time investment and definitely worth the price.

My Experience with Inglot 12S Lip Brush:

I was highly impressed with the results this brush gave me at the store and so I picked it up.  I used to line my lips with the lipstick.  It gives nice results for lining as well as filling.  The lines are not obvious.  The bristles are not scratchy.  They are very soft.

The main attraction in this brush is the fact that the back portion of the brush can be removed and used as a cap for the bristles.

Inglot 12S Lip Brush Review

So, it becomes a pen ultimately.  It is very easy to carry around even in a jeans pocket.  If you have a lip palette with a provision to keep a brush in it,  this fits in perfectly.  This is my first Inglot brush and I must say I am highly impressed with the quality it delivers for the price.  These brushes are really worth buying.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Inglot 12S Lip Brush?

Definitely, do try it at the store and see how much difference it makes, no harm in just trying.

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29 thoughts on “Inglot 12S Lip Brush Review

  1. gr8 revu preetha :yahoo: :yahoo: .. i am yet to get sum inglot brushes.. i’m eyeing the blending brush of it :haanji: … this seems gr8 :yes: :yes: … i do hav 2-3 nice lip liner brushes & they work best for sum highly pigmented, full glossy lippies tht tend to feather… :whistle: :whistle:

      1. I wil chk my collection n give u the exact numbers.. They r so diff to remember!! Hehe!! I hv some eye shadows plus the freedom system pallette… 2 Lippies n recently purchased an apricot shaded blush…

  2. Nids do try the blending brush… I bought it recently.. It does a brilliant job.. Im quite enjoying using it.. More thn my tbs blending brush..

  3. nice review preetha. i also didnt know the importance of a lip brush until recently i tried one. hw wud u ppl rate inglot brand as a whole? havnt bought anyth frm there ever.

    1. thanx Bee..They have a pencil brush…but it is not as pointed as MAC 219…but I think that is also good…the inglot one costs about 800-900..whereas MAC 219 is for 1550

  4. I mostly dont use a lip brush preetha but inglot brushes are very good. I have two of these and I totally love them. The brush looks cute. I’d keep this one in mind. :))

    1. It is very travel friendly Rati..that was the main reason why I picked it does give a neat finish..yeah after seeing ur reviews on Inglot brushes,I have ordered 15BJF blush brush thru shopatmajorbrands :yahoo: ..thanku very much :puchhi: …

  5. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: that day i used this brush to fill my lips at the store and it was awesome Preetha. Glad u got it :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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