Profusion 88 and 120 Eyeshadow Palette

Profusion 88 and 120 Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Everyone, today I am going to compare these two Profusion Palettes, 88 Pro Eyeshadow Palette and Ultimate Blockbuster 120 Extreme Sheer Eye Color Palette.

Profusion 88 and 120 eyeshadow palettes

Profusion eyeshadow palette

I have the 88 Pro Eyeshadow Palette and the “Ultimate Blockbuster” 120 Extreme Sheer Eye Color Palette. Both the palettes are amazingly cheap and you can get them at ROSS or Walgreens. I’m not sure if you can get them somewhere else too. I personally found the 120 Profusion Palette at Walgreens for 5$ after Christmas. I believe it was 50% off. The 88 palette I found at Ross for 4.99$ or even 3.99$.

In my opinion, both palettes have tiny tiny smell to them, smells like soap, I am not sure why. That doesn’t change that I love them.  I have seen another version of the same palette. All of them don’t look the same. They have different colors which is weird.  My 120 palette has more blue and green tones and I have seen someone else having this same palette, but her palette has more violet and pink tones.

Here are some pictures of both palettes.

(88 Palette)

rati beauty ad

(it kind of looks dirty but it’s because when I traveled, I put something on top of the shadows, so it won’t break and now you can see the dots from the sheet).

Ultimate Blockbuster


Is this palette comparable to a high-end brand? Yes and No.  The 88 palette is very sheer and has lots of fallout while the 120 palette is very pigmented and has minimum fallout.

I also like the packaging of the 120 palette more than the packaging of the 88 palette. I feel like it’s more sturdy and if it does fall down, the eyeshadows won’t break as easily.


Let’s move on to the pros and cons of these two palettes:


120 Palette:                                                   88 palette:
-Very pigmented.                                          Easy to blend
-Very blendable.                                            Price is okay.
-Sturdy packaging.
-Wonderful colors.
-Love the price.


120 palette:                                    88 palette:
-A tiny funny smell to it.              Stronger smell.
-Colors aren’t organized.             Colors are too mixed up.
-Too sheer for me.
-Lots of fallout.
-Packaging is very weak; feels like its going to break any minute.

Here are some swatches:

(88 Profusion Palette)


(sheer right and chalky)

swatches of eyeshadow

Can you see the difference? I can. You don’t see any fallouts on my finger and the colors are very pigmented.



My Overall Opinion:

Definitely, worth trying out and buying. If you like shimmers, these palettes are perfect, but I honesty would ONLY recommend the “Ultimate Blockbuster” 120 extreme sheer eye color palette from Profusion. The 88 palette isn’t so good. It’s cheap but you would still waste your money.  I know they smell funny, but only if you put your nose in the palette. Its not strong AT ALL!  Don’t get freaked out just because I said it smells funny.  If you can try to test it before buying it because I might have bought a bad palette (88 palette), I have read other people love them. Go check out your ROSS or wait till Christmas and check out Walgreens. I tend to not use these palettes so often because I like neutral colors and they don’t have so many neutral tones in these palettes, but you can find a lot of amazing highlight colors! Anyway, I hope you had fun reading and looking at the pictures. If you have a question, ask me:)

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28 thoughts on “Profusion 88 and 120 Eyeshadow Palette

  1. hey lovely review sahar! :teddy: :teddy: i really like the 120 palette! :inlove: have u tried coastal scents palettes? are the profusion palettes comparable to the coastal scents ones, quality wise?

    1. honestly i cant answer this question because i havent tried the 120 palette from coastal scents but i do know that the profusion 120 palette has more product. remember the CS eyeshadows in the 120 palette are really tiny. i think they might have more fallouts though from what i heard.
      but quality wise i think there the same. but like i said im not sure because i dnt own a CS 120 Palette

  2. This looks amazing Sahar..I wanted to order this from Amazon sometime back..the 88 eyeshadow palette but couldn’t find the shipping to India…..Awesome review!!! :waytogo:

      1. yea dnt get the 88 palette . if you want to get either palette get the 120 palette. its much better 🙂 im sorry you cant find anywhere maybe try EBAY ?

    1. thank you Rati 🙂 yes i figured that both palettes are from the same company but there is a big difference. one is amazing the other isnt good. so i had to tell my experience with these palettes

  3. Nice review Sahar,
    Personally like 120 palette eyeshadow, i also come to knw that Cherryculture also provides heavy discounts on reputed brands and this seems also good deal!! :hugleft:

  4. :waytogo: nice post sahar! am totally going :stars: :stars: :stars: with so many colours… loving it! its would be a steal for make up fanatics :))

  5. shimmerzzzz :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: m not a fan f them… its good for girls who lov it… 😀 😀 :specs: :specs:

  6. Nice review Sahar…
    Loveeeeeeee the 120piece palette..
    i am confused nw on wich one shud i order- BH cosmetic palette or This one.. Help someone???????? :scream: :waiting: :waaa: :waaa:

    1. i belive the bh cosmetic one has matte and shimmer colors. but remmeber there really small. but if u like shimmery eyeshadows alot then diffently buy this 120 palette by profusion.

  7. nice review Sahar ……i observed that in 88 palatte u have more no. of pink and blue eyeshadows ….but in 120 one u have all types of colors….no doubt 120 is better than 88 one …
    i was planning to buy coastal scents wala ( was confuse between matte and shimmer ) but we can give a thought on this one as well …
    gr8 work :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  8. 120 pallettte :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: . i can clearly c the diff.. i luved the packaging of it too. very nice review Sahar :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  9. nids …. i went to buyincoins website to see 20 pieces brushes ….on the same website u can eyeshadow palletes too …R they worth buying ????

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